Findigs Website and App UX Design
UIUX/ User Research / Rapid Prototyping



Findigs is a fintech startup company that focuses on making housing rental process a better and integrated experience for renters living in metropolitan cities such as NYC, where digital infrastructure for such service is lacking. It aims to provide frictionless digital service and  reward program for renters and landlord to pay their duty respectively.


Within the first three month since I joined the team, I helped Findigs to release their the first ever beta app on Apple store and Google play. As the sole correspondent on the design team, my role covers all grounds of areas, from redefining user interest/painpoints, sorting out information architecture to high fidelity prototypes, as well as establishing a candid dialog with the rest of the team. Additionally, I led the final visual design.

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Information Architecture

After gathering the data and company’s needs, I began mapping out user flow that integrates the business goal and technological feasibility. Working alongside with CEO and team of engineers, I gathered rounds of feedback with each iterations to ensure all the key features and concerns are addressed.

Aside from mobile development, I was also working on the new website redesign for the company, specifically focusing on the landing page, and a tenant management portal for landlords.